Marlboro Mayor John Hornick, in highlighted pane, was among the five municipal officials from two counties interviewed about forms of government by the Red Bank Charter Study Commission Tuesday night.  

Mayor Phil Kramer of Franklin Township spoke of his Somerset County town’s use of of the so-called “council-manager” form of government available under New Jersey’s Faulkner Act.

“You get a bad mayor, you’re stuck with him for four years,” Kramer told the commission, which met via Zoom. “You get a bad manager, you can fire him at any time.”

Also weighing in on forms of government, nonpartisan elections and other issues were Marlboro Mayor John Hornick; Ocean Township council members Rob Acerra and Margie Donlon; and former Franklin council member Theodore Chase.

No members of the public availed themselves of an opportunity to speak at the end of the session.

Video of the meeting is available on the commission’s Facebook page and will be posted on its website.

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