Red Bank oRBit — the redbankgreen sibling site that debuted August 1 as your thrice-weekly tickler on what’s happening in the world of arts, entertainment, shopping and dining — is going daily.

Six days a week, to be specific. Taking only Sundays off.

It’s not that we’ve got nothing else to do. It’s more a case of there being too much of interest going on in these parts. Stuffing all that info into three updates a week was resulting in unwieldy posts. And we’re in the doldrums right now.

We’re also still in what we consider soft-launch mode, tweaking as we go along. Most days, until we get up a real head of steam, the daily updates will be like today’s: focused on that cycle’s events, plus a wink at the best of the following day.

Today’s, for example, includes items on the sea paddle around Manhattan organized by local surfer/environmentalists; a rundown of events in homage to the late, acerbic writer Dorothy Parker; and a nod to the weekly Argentine Tango lessons available in Red Bank’s Riverside Gardens Park, weather-permitting (otherwise, over at Chetkin Gallery).

The idea is to expand a bit on the best of what’s in The oRB, our comprehensive events calendar, and Next Seven, a look-ahead for the coming week.

But throughout the week, you can count on Red Bank oRBit for a smattering of profiles and feature stories of the kind that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

So please tweak your bookmarks and make Red Bank oRBit part of your everyday, gottacheckit routine.

Thanks, folks.

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