Is sarcasm funny only if you agree with its point of view?

A couple of readers nominated a comment posted last week by ‘Mike’ as Comment of the Week. We admit we hesitated about giving it the nod, because — no, we’re not joking — we try to stay politically neutral, and we wondered if featuring it would make us appear to be taking sides.

But Mike’s comment is pretty funny, even if we’re not quite sure what it has to do with the subject of the story, which is about a guilty plea in a fraud case. And we like funny.

Here it is:

My sources say Mayor Menna has asked Borough attorney Ken Pringle to look into opting out of Transit Village. Pringle put a call into NJ Transit board member Ken Pringle. Apparently Pringle only conducts Red Bank business while in the borough and Transit business while in Newark. Consequently he has had a difficult time getting in touch with himself. However he has billed Red Bank each time he has returned his own call.

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