towerhill-accidentTwo were sent to the hospital in an accident at the intersection of Spring Street and Towerhill Avenue Monday, a block away and less than an hour after another crash injured nine. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


A second car accident on Spring Street Monday sent two people to the hospital with minor injuries, Fire Chief John Mego said.

The two-car accident, involving a blue Mazda 626 and black Jaguar, was called in at about 5:20p — about an hour after a collision a block away — and appeared to be caused by a driver failing to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Spring Street and Tower Hill Avenue, Mego said. He was unsure at the time of the accident which driver was at fault.

“Somebody didn’t stop,” he said.

The driver of the Jaguar, a woman from Little Silver who did not want to be identified, was uninjured. The driver of the Mazda, a young female who police did not identify, was sent to the hospital, along with the car’s passenger. Mego said they both sustained minor injuries.

With that accident, 11 people were sent to the hospital within the span of about 90 minutes, Mego said. An earlier accident at Spring Street and Harding Road sent nine to the hospital — not eight, as first reported, Mego said.

“Eleven patients so far in an hour and a half,” Mego said. “I hope that’s the end of it today.”

Little Silver emergency medical services helped respond to the accident.