Last week’s shot featured six Adirondack chairs covered in pillowy blobs of snow but seemingly ready for a summer sunset.

Did you recognize that little vignette?

A whole bunch of coffee drinkers and Fair Haven-ophiles did, writing in to correctly identify the location as the DeNormandie Avenue side of Booskerdoo, on River Road in Fair Haven, of course..

Thanks to all who answered: Trish DePonti, michaelpco, Melanie Fortescue, Tracy McMahon, Cassie Conley, Frank Spinillo, Wade Davis, Timothy Lake, Soti McGinley, Larry Quigley, Jarad Pleaser, Peggy Dengler, Dan Kolarsick, Christopher Brett and Frank Quagliariello.

Do you know Where this week’s photo, above, was taken? If you know, please send an email to wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com.

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