north of the border burritoThe carnitas burrito at North of the Border on Monmouth Street in Red Bank. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


morsels mediumWhen we walked through the door of Red Bank’s North of the Border on Monmouth Street, what we really wanted was the tacos.

Unfortunately, PieHole’s hectic schedule only allowed for a take-out lunch, and no matter how many times we’ve tried, tacos to-go are simply never as good as tacos eaten moments after they’re prepared.

Just a bit after noon, the small dining area was jammed with multiple teams of landscape workers eating lunch. The counter staff easily switched from English to Spanish, depending on who was ordering. And despite the frenetic lunchtime rush, the staff was happy to answer PieHole’s questions about different menu items.

We ordered the burrito which, unlike the taco, actually benefits from a few minutes left alone to itself before eating. Specifically, the Carnitas Burrito ($10).

This burrito, with salad and rice and beans, could be enough food for two people. The burrito was filled with a well-seasoned, braised pork with cubes of fat. The guacamole dressing had a nice bite to it and went great with the slices of avocado.

Despite being stuffed, our pathetic lack of will-power led us to finishing the side of rice and beans. This, of course, necessitated a good 20-minute nap to reconstitute ourselves before we could start planning dinner.