kristen winters 102114Kristen Winters in the expansion space of her store, Cabana 19. (Click to enlarge)


retail churn smallTwo young Red Bank businesses are in an expansive mood these days, doubling their leasing commitments.

Kristen Winters, who opened women’s clothing boutique Cabana 19 on White Street just 16 months ago, has busted through a wall to take over space vacated this month by Rare Breed Sneakers.

And bike dealer Jonathan Erdelyi is setting up an outpost for his West Front Street-based Red Bicycle Studio in Fair Haven.

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tesserae 100714Tesserae tile art packed it up for Atlantic City earlier this month. A sign, below, posted by a booster of Red Bank businesses wants motorists on northbound Route 35 to know the downtown is open throughout this weekend’s planned road detours. (Click to enlarge)

rb open 102414Winters, whose family long owned the Firehouse Specialty Shop and Jersey Shore Apparel store on Broad Street, said an expansion of her shop was not in her immediate plans. But when Rare Breed left, she saw an opportunity that might not come along again anytime soon, if ever.

And she needed more space, she said. So with the help of her dad, who postponed his annual two-month trip to Florida to handle renovations, Winters was hurrying recently get ready for a debut of the doublewide Cabana 19 this weekend.

Just a block away, Erdelyi, a former champion racer, is making plans to unveil a second bike store, this one at 813 River Road in Fair Haven on November 1.

The new shop will focus on bikes for kids and casual, recreational riders, while the Red Bank store will continue its emphasis on high-end racing machines for athletes.

“I just wanted to be in Fair Haven,” where he lives, Erdelyi said. “I know there’s a market there for this.”

Clementine Cycling Studio will be relocating to space above the new shop, Erdelyi said.

In other Retail Churn news…

Tesserae, a purveyor of decorative mosaic hangings, has hung it up on Red Bank. A small note on the door at ?? Broad, the former longtime home of Ballew Jewelers, said the store moved to “a 20,000-square-foot showroom” at Claridge Casion in Atlantic City. Landlord John Morgan says he’s looking for a new tenant.

Toad Hollow, a gift and jewelry store at 9 Monmouth Street, “has been going through a bit of a rough patch recently, and staying in Red Bank is becoming more and more difficult,” owner Helen Graham told customers in an email shared with Churn this week.

In order to make it “at least through the holidays ,” Graham and her sister and partner, Mary Beth, are holding a sale with deep discounts. The sale “will run until we either reach our goal or are forced to close our doors in the next couple of weeks,” Graham wrote.

“If we make our goal in that time, we’ll be able to bring in more inventory and continue through December,” she wrote. “If we don’t, we will be forced to close our Red Bank store before the holidays.”