AUTHORITIES_FH2A Fair Haven man in police custody on a trespassing complaint earlier this month earned another charge at the stationhouse: successful tampering with handcuffs.

Rudolph Kastner, 50, of First Street, was handcuffed to a bench at the borough police station on July 5 when he “un-secured” himself from one cuff and walked out of the processing room, according to a police report.

Kastner had been arrested for taking a shortcut home across a neighbor’s property, despite having been previously advised not to do so, according to the report. He also engaged in “tumultuous behavior” by shouting profanities in the presence of children, the report said.

Detective Steven Schneider, the department spokesman, declined to say how Kastner got out of the handcuffs, but said Kastner did not leave the stationhouse.

Bail was set at a full $5,000. As of Tuesday morning, he remained in the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, according to the county Sheriff’s website.