A Shrewsbury police officer is facing charges of assault and harassment following two alleged incidents last month, according to a report by

The news site of the Star-Ledger cites a complaint that alleges Patrolman Ryan Cullinane, 27, showed up unwanted at the home of an unidentified woman two days in a row, and punched an unidentified man in the face in one encounter.

Citing a complaint, reported that on January 25, Cullinane appeared at the woman’s residence and entered it “without being invited in.” Cullinane refused to leave and got into a fight with the man, whom he punched in the face, according to the account.

The following day, Cullinane showed up at a restaurant where the woman was, followed her home and “made unwanted contact and communication” with the victim, reported the complaint states.

“Victim asked (Cullinane) to leave her residence several times, but (Cullinane) failed to cooperate,” reported the complaint states.

Cullinane faces charges of harassment, trespassing and simple assault, and is scheduled to appear in court on March 30, according to the report.

Police Chief Bobby Turner told redbankgreen Wednesday that Cullinane, of Tinton Falls, has been suspended without pay. Cullinane joined the force in June, 2012.