red bank nj rally trump emergencyhot topic red bank njAbout 150 protesters gathered at Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank at noon Monday, President’s Day, to oppose  President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on America’s border with Mexico.

red bank nj, trump emergency vin gopalred bank nj rally trump emergencyActivist Jim Keady, top, challenged Trump’s rhetoric about a “crisis” of illegal immigration and drugs crossing the border, and said the declaration was made solely to appease Trump’s “rabid base.”

“There is no crisis on our border,” said Keady, one of several speakers at the event. “A crisis is thousands of people dying each day from the opioid crisis. A crisis is millions and millions of Americans not having healthcare.”

Referring to Trump’s frequent tweets attacking those who challenge him, state Senator Vin Gopal, above, asked the crowd, “can you imagine any other president, Republican or Democrat, acting the way he’s acting?”

The Greater Red Bank Women’s Initiative, organized the rally, one of numerous such events slated to be held around the country. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click image to enlarge.)