Crime and arrest reports, unedited, as provided by the Fair Haven Police Department for the month of January, 2020. For additional information, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

1/2/20 Kristen A Wimmer 20, of Little Silver was arrested by S.O.  Perkins for possession of CDS.  Mrs. Wimmer was processed and released with a court date.

1/7/20 Kristina Hunt 38, of Red Bank was arrested by Ptl. Patton for assault.  Mrs. Hunt was charged with simple assault and false imprisonment, she was processed and released with a court date.

1/10/20 James Herro 61, of Red Bank was arrested for DWI by Sgt. Schneider.  Mr. Herro received summonses for maintenance of lamps, DWI, Failure to produce a driver’s license, reckless driving and failure to produce insurance.  Mr. Herro was processed and released with a court date.

1/11/20 Ptl. Lagrotteria arrested 4 juveniles for possession of CDS following a motor vehicle stop.

1/30/20 Sgt. Schneider took a report from several residents on the east end of town for their vehicles being burglarized.  No proceeds were taken from the vehicles.  Report passed on to Det. Reevey.

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