The crime and arrest reports below were provided by the Red Bank Police Department for June, 2020. This information is unedited; see below for additional information.


Theft: Two Bicycles were reported stolen from the rear of a yard in the area of Peter’s Pl on 06/01/2020. The bikes are described as 1 black and 1 pink beach cruiser, valued at $200.00 each. Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Criminal Mischief: On 06/02/2020 it was reported graffiti was spray painted on the rear of a building in the area of Monmouth St. Ptl. Taylor Doremus.

Theft: A grey Mongoose brand beach cruiser was reported stolen in the area of Tilton Ave on 06/04/2020. Ptl. Froilen Hernandez.

Theft: on 06/08/2020 it was reported a vehicle was broken into in the area of Hubbard Park and several items were taken from the glove compartment. The items are described as a pair of brown Fendi reading glasses valued at $100.00, a school ID, the vehicle registration, insurance card and a brown leather Coach Coin purse that contained $20.00 in coins. Ptl. Jhonathan Quispe.

Theft: A 24 inch gray Mountain Bike with lime green trim was reported stolen from a rear of a residence in the area of Hudson Ave on 06/14/2020. The bike is valued at approximately $400.00. Ptl. Froilan Hernandez.

Criminal Mischief: The “Holy Family” Statue was reported to be pushed over causing the statue to break in the area of Broad St. The damage is valued at $6,000.00. Ptl. Grace Maggiulli.

Theft: A back pack blower valued at approximately $150.00 and a weed whacker valued at approximately $180.00 were reported stolen from a shed in the area of W. Bergen Pl on 06/23/2020. Ptl. Patrick Kennedy.

Criminal Mischief: On 06/30/2020 in the area of Count Basie Park it was reported the inside of the baseball dugout was spray painted with graffiti. Sgt. Matthew Ehrenreich.


Terrence Tyler, age 40 of Neptune was arrested on 06/01/2020 in the area of Bridge Ave for Contempt of Court by Ptl. Taylor Doremus.

Queenarab Suggs, age 25 of Freehold was arrested on 06/02/2020 in the area of Morford Pl for Possession of CDS and Marijuana by Ptl. Taylor Doremus.

Shamus Henderson, age 29 of Fair Haven was arrested on 06/02/2020 in the area of Broad St for DWI by Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Jose Benitez-Salgado, age 36 of Colts Neck was arrested on 06/03/2020 in the area of Newman Springs Rd for Contempt of Court by Ptl. Froilan Hernandez.

Luis Crespo, age 28 of Red Bank was arrested on 06/11/2020 in the area of Monmouth St for Simple Assault by Sgt. Matthew Ehrenreich.

Jose Loaiza-Rivera, age 36 of Red Bank was arrested on 06/13/2020 in the area of White St for DWI by Ptl. Kristin Altimari.

Patrick Vansaghi, age 32 of Red Bank was arrested on 06/16/2020 in the area of Monmouth St for Simple Assault by Sgt. Heather Kovar.

Travis Tindal, age 39 of Keansburg was arrested on 06/20/2020 in the area of Shrewsbury Ave for Contempt of Court by Ptl. Grace Maggiulli.

Fenton Barnes, age 35 of Red Bank was arrested on 06/24/2020 in the area of W. Bergen Pl for Disorderly Conduct by Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Ramon Olivares-Hernandez, age 35 of Shrewsbury was arrested on 06/28/2020 in the area of Shrewsbury Ave for Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose and Unlawful Possession of Weapons by Ptl. Piero Vescio.

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