hauser eggs
Hauser Hill Farms eggs are among the best bargains as the Red Bank Farmers’ Market closes out its 2013 season Sunday. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


morsels mediumOne of PieHole‘s favorites at the Red Bank Farmers Market this season was a late discovery: the eggs from Hauser Hill Farms.

These eggs have some of the brightest yolks we’ve seen, a good indication that the chickens are eating good stuff. Crack two into your frying pan for a pair of sunny-side ups, and the yolks tower over the whites with the perkiness of a cheerleader on game day.

They’re also an incredible bargain.

PieHole spoke to farmer John Hauser to make sure he’d have plenty at his table this weekend, and to get some details on his hens. Take it here for all the details.

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