cin-snail1The vegan magnet Cinnamon Snail will have a temporary home beside Teak, thanks to a little help from PieHole. (Photo by Peter Lindner. Click to enlarge)


PIEHOLE logoAs the final Sunday of this year’s Red Bank Farmers’ Market wrapped up in November, Cinnamon Snail food truck entreprenuer Adam Sobel was confident  he’d be able to continue serving his vegan truck food to loyal followers, telling PieHole that he’d remain at the Galleria parking lot every Sunday through the month of December.

But earlier this week, Sobel put out this urgent message on Twitter:


Now, thanks to the intervention of PieHole, the Snail appears to have found a temporary Sunday home – in downtown Red Bank, a place not seen as friendly to four-wheeled purveyors of fine cuisine.

Is this the breakthrough truck food fans on the Green have been yearning for?

As of Thursday morning, the Snail had no place to call home on Sundays in Red Bank. Sobel tells PieHole that there’s “no friction” with the Galleria, but the owners – members of the Sourlis family – had simply decided it wasn’t good for them this month.

Now, PieHole‘s memory for user comments is almost as strong as its memory for which area bars make a good Manhattan, and we recalled an earlier story on the Snail in which local restaurateur George Lyristis offered up the parking lot of his Monmouth Street restaurant, Teak, for the Snail’s use.

Half expecting to call Lyristis’ bluff, we got him on the phone and, after some back and forth with Sobel about the logistics, Lyristis agreed to let  the Snail park in the Teak lot this Sunday.

The teamwork and hustle here shows both Sobel’s loyalty to his local following and Lyrsistis’ dedication to ensuring Red Bank’s reputation as a destination for great food. With his brothers Taso and Charlie, Lyristis also owns the Bistro, on Broad Street.

According to Sobel, the Cinnamon Snail will be at the lot off Monmouth Street this Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lyristis is working with Sobel on a week-to-week basis to make the lot available. The only possible hangup is whether Teak gets any private parties booked on Sundays between now and Christmas, Lyristis said.

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