menna valastro 112513‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro with Mayor Pasquale Menna at the opening of Carlo’s Bake Shop in Red Bank in November, 2013. Below, Valastro’s apology tweet Monday. (Click to enlarge)


cake boss tweet 120114Buddy Valastro, owner of the year-old Carlo’s Bake Shop in Red Bank, pleaded guilty Monday to driving drunk in New York City last month, according to media reports.

From the New York Times:

As he left court, Mr. Valastro, whose solid-family-man persona has been the key to his show’s success, said he had learned a valuable lesson. “One is too many,” he said, “and I will never get behind the wheel of a car again if I have a drink, even if I have a sip.”

“I can tell you honestly that when I got in that car I thought I was fine to drive,” he added. “But I wasn’t and I put people in danger.”

Later in the day, Mr. Valastro put out a similar statement on Twitter. “My sincerest apologies to my family, friends and fans,” he said.

The Times reported that Valstro, star of TVs’s Cake Boss, was fined $300, had his driver’s license suspended in New York for three months and ordered him to take a course on drunken driving.

New Jersey is expected to also suspend his driving privileges in the next few days, his lawyer and publicist said. Valastro, 37, lives in East Hanover, according to the Times.

Valastro was arrested on Manhattan’s West Side at 1 a.m. on November 13 after police saw him driving erratically in a yellow Corvette, according to multiple reports.