Red Bank’s Environmental Commission is looking to spotlight ‘green’ businesses based in town, chairman Frank Corrado tells redbankgreen.  

Through its Green Team subcommittee, the EC has launched a Green Business Recognition Program to promote environmentally friendly business practices.

The program aims to encourage waste management and reduction, lower energy and water consumption, sustainable development and social responsibility Corrado said via email.

To be considered for the GBRP, borough-based businesses must first register for the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry and then submit an application to the EC, which will conduct an audit service and make a final determination of eligibility.

Those that meet the compliance standards will be recognized by the municipality, promoted on the borough website, and permitted to display both physical and digital signage indicating their participation, Corrado said. They’ll also get a borough-issued decal for display.

Consumers take notice of such efforts, Corrado said. He noters that a recent Nielsen global online study found that three out of four millennial consumers were willing to pay extra for products and services associated with sustainable offerings and practices. Many are seeing this trend in other consumer age groups as well. “Buyers show preferential treatment as to where they spend their dollars if your business goes green,” he said.

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