Curbside valet service is expected to ease parking pressures resulting from the construction of the West Side Lofts. (Click to enlarge)


Like Broad Street, Bridge Avenue in Red Bank will have its own valet service during evenings in an attempt to improve the accessibility of nearby businesses and attract those weary of parking woes caused by the West Side Lofts project.

This week, the borough council Ok’d a valet service on Bridge Avenue on a temporary basis.

“This is a wonderful season for Red Bank in terms of our rebirth and revitalization,” Menna said, “and as a result of the redevelopment on the West Side there is a need – because the West Side Lofts projects are starting construction – to hold a valet parking program.”

Menna said that there would be a dropoff and pickup valet point in the area of Danny’s Steakhouse, so that restaurant patrons as well as visitors to the Two River Theater, “won’t have to circle the block over-and-over.”

“It doesn’t cost the borough anything,” Menna said, “and many of the restaurants will actually validate their customers’ parking as well. It’s really an added convenience and service aspect to the town and the businesses. It’s very user-friendly.”

According to Menna and Council President Art Murphy, the recently expanded weekend valet service on Broad Street has been a success, with “zero complaints.” The Bridge Avenue version was requested by the merchants themselves.

Danny Murphy, owner of Danny’s Steakhouse, was a “driving force” behind the project, according to Red Bank RiverCenter operations director Jim Scavone, who said the new valet service is expected cost $5 a car, as it does on Broad. RiverCenter itself launched a $10-per-vehicle valet service on Broad Street in the summer of 2011, but the valet contractor pulled out because there weren’t enough takers, Scavone said.

Cars will be parked in the train station lot and a lot owned by Metrovation, builder of the lofts, on Shrewsbury Avenue, officials said.

Councilman Michael Dupont said the valet service is “another highlight of the relationship between the borough and it’s businesses.”

According to Scavone, the Bridge Avenue  service could be implemented as early as this weekend.