red bank broad pinckney 102119 In-streeet pedestrian-crossing signs would be installed on Broad Street in front of the SuperFoodtown supermarket. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

[CORRECTION: The original version of this article mistakenly reported that pedestrian-activated flashing signals would be installed at two locations in Red Bank. Only the crosswalk at West Front Street and English Plaza will get that type of signal; the intersection of Broad Street and Pinckney Road will get “in-street pedestrian crossing signs,” according to the resolution.]


hot topic red bank njPedestrian-safety improvements would be installed at two Red Bank crosswalks, including one where a pedestrian suffered fatal injuries when struck by a truck four years ago, if approved by the borough council Wednesday night.

red bank west front english 102119 A signal would also be installed at West Front Street at English Plaza, which got a recent streetscape makeover. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

The agenda for the council’s semimonthly meeting includes¬† a resolution calling for the installation of solar-powered, pedestrian-activated “flashing beacons” at West Front Street at English Plaza.

Broad Street and Pinckney Road.would get “in-street pedestrian crossing signs” under another resolution.

The measures authorize the council to enter into agreements with Monmouth County, which has jurisdiction over West Front Street (county Route 10), part of Broad Street (Route 11) and Pinckney Road (Route 520).

With the SuperFoodtown store a major draw for shoppers on foot, Broad and Pinckney has been the scene of several accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians, including one in which a 78-year-old woman was struck by a truck in June, 2015. She died the following month from injuries she sustained in the accident.

In December, 2016, an elderly man was seriously injured when a motorist turning left from Pinckney onto southbound Broad “didn’t see the pedestrian in or near the crosswalk” and accidentally struck him, police Chief Darren McConnell said at the time.

The crosswalk on West Front at English Plaza serves as a major pedestrian linkage between Riverside Gardens Park and parking lots in English Plaza and White Street. A recent $1.53 million makeover to English Plaza by Red Bank RiverCenter created a red-brick pedestrian path linking the park and neighboring businesses with Monmouth Street, via the mews alongside the Dublin House Pub.

Borough Business Administrator Ziad Shehady told redbankgreen via email Monday that the costs and installation dates of the signals are not yet known.

“Once the Borough and County have both approved the respective resolutions and agreements, more specific designs will have to be drafted and reviewed by both,” he said. “After that, we’ll know the cost, and estimated delivery/installation.”