kate triggiano red bankTwo members of the Red Bank council have been named to Insider NJ’s second annual “Out 100 Power List‘ of  LBGT leaders in New Jersey.

Kate Triggiano, above, and Ed Zipprich, at right, were included on the roster that Jay Lassiter, editor of the political news site, described as “a tribute to influential LGBTs in New Jersey politics.”

Zipprich was listed at number 28 on the list, and Triggiano at 47.  Zipprich was also included on the list’s inaugural edition in 2018, ranked at 56.

Both are Democrats on the all-Democratic governing body, with Zipprich in his fourth term, and Triggiano in her first. Zipprich also serves as chairman of the Red Bank Democrats.

In a Facebook post, Triggiano said she was “honored” to be included, adding:

I look forward to continuing initiatives on council including Red Bank’s Pride in the Park. I’m proud to represent Red Bank, a town that truly welcomes all.

I’ve stood my ground and never wavered to “fit in”. Being bisexual can be tough. Being labeled as “confused” when I know exactly who I am and relieved that I do. Being told I should “talk about my cute little family and keep quiet about my orientation”, when my family is a part of who I am and is proud of who I am. It’s always the right time to be authentic and true to myself. To every person who has confided in me, who has told me that my outness and openness has brought them answers and relief, this one is for you. You can be in a straight relationship and be bisexual. You can be in a gay relationship and be bisexual. You can be in no relationship and bisexual. You deserve to be seen and respected as the person you are and you have a place in the LGBTQ community.

(Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)