flightmap_01A scheduled four-hour flight home from Barbados turned into a 12-hour ordeal for members of a Red Bank club and other passengers Sunday. Here’s a portion of the route the plane followed, from Boston to New York, courtesy of FlightAware.com


It was supposed to be a fairly quick, stress-free jaunt; a routine flight home for most of the Red Bank-based Monmouth Rugby Football Club following a rare overseas match in Barbados.

Even after American Airlines Flight 1384 to New York made an unexpected reroute to Boston, player John Russoniello and his teammates were feeling jovial, despite the prospect of having to spend the night in Beantown, he said. This was around 8:15p, just about five hours after the plane left the Caribbean.

“We joked that we hoped the Sam Adams brewery was still open and we could get a beer,” said Russoniello, 25.

But things got hellish shortly thereafter.

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