HOT-TOPIC_01A Little Silver cop charged with assaulting a handcuffed man in the borough police station almost four years ago went on trial in Freehold Tuesday, the Star-Ledger reports.

In her opening statement, Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Melanie Falco told the jury that Patrolman Steven Solari “punched the handcuffed man multiple times because he would not pose for a photo after his arrest,” the Sledger reported.

Solari is also alleged to have told an EMT not to take arrest subject Sean Casey to a hospital, though his head was bleeding, until  paperwork had been completed. Later, Solari committed witness tampering when he tried to get an EMT who witnessed the assault to cover it up, the state alleges.

But defense lawyer Edward Bertucio “told the jury that Solari and his partner were dealing with a well-known, violent man who had a history of getting out of control,” according to the Sledger. “Bertucio said the trial would show that Solari was doing what he was trained to do and that there were other motivating factors, including people trying to take his job, which led to his arrest.”

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