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CesarMillanDon’t tell Spot: Cesar Millan is back in town, as the original “Dog Whisperer” returns to the Count Basie for a Thursday night event that’s strictly for humans only.

As a frequent visitor to the homes of Jada Pinkett Smith, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Oprah Winfrey, and Nicolas Cage, he’s said to have worked wonders with some of the most “aggressive, scared, lazy, compulsive and jealous” creatures in Hollywood — by which we mean celebrity-owned dogs.

In the process of becoming the most sought-after canine rehabilitation specialist in the business, Cesar Millan became a major celebrity in his own right — a multiple Emmy-nominated TV personality, a best-selling author, and a man who can sell out a major concert venue without singing, dancing or telling jokes that only dogs can hear.

A repeat attraction at the Count Basie Theatre, the original Dog Whisperer and host of the NatGeo WILD channel’s Cesar 911 returns to Red Bank on Thursday night, October 16, for an informative session that’s guaranteed useful to dogs and humans alike. The only bone to pick? Those who stand to benefit the most —— our four-legged family members —— are once again being asked to sit this one out.

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cesar2Don’t tell Fido: The Dog Whisperer is back in town, as Cesar Millan returns to the Count Basie for February 25 event that’s strictly for humans only.

Not so very long ago it was an accepted, if unwritten, law of show business that said audiences seldom pay to see something “live” that they can get at home, for free, on the teevee.

Of course, that old showbiz playbook hit the shredder some time ago — right about the time that the Count Basie Theatre and other similarly sized venues discovered that TV stars — specifically, stars of realiTV — had become some of the most dependable draws on the entertainment circuit, regularly packing houses with relatively inexpensive, logistically uncomplicated presentations that were powered by the undeniable appeal of their newly minted celebrity centerpieces.

Within the past handful of months, the Basie stage has accommodated well-received shows starring a Cake Boss, a Real Housewife, a couple of Paranormal Staters and a No Reservations “bad boy of cuisine.” And on Friday, February 25, the Count’s crib welcomes back a personality who sold out the auditorium in his last Red Bank appearance: Cesar Millan, host of the National Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer.

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