Rumson momsPress release from Rumson School District

On Monday, February 23, the Rumson School District presented a parent “coffee chat” on the subject of Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying. The event was organized by Forrestdale School Guidance Counselor and Anti-Bullying Specialist Jenn Crow — and hosted by local parent and internet safety expert Tyna Kilbourne, who has a wealth of industry experience (having once spearheaded AOL’s Criminal Compliance Unit).

Kilbourne, who is a member of the Forrestdale School Safety Team, examined the “ugly side” of the internet, where predators abound, and addressed issues such as “perceived anonymity” that affect today’s school-age children.

“Statistics show that 92% of children in the U.S. have had some exposure to the internet or have some form of online presence by the time they are two years old,” Kilbourne told a surprised group of parent attendees. “And a question that parents should always be asking when their children are using internet technology is ‘what exactly are they doing?’”

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