familybarbequeAmong the students and parents who mingled at the RBR Freshmen Orientation barbeque were (L-R) Eric, Sherry and Emily Jaramillo (Millstone); Bettina and Freshman Raymond Forbes (Red Bank); Whitney, Jack, Emily and Jim Dee (Little Silver).

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School   

On Wednesday, August 26, nearly 300 new ninth graders were told This is a great time to be a Buc,” as the Red Bank Regional High School Freshman Orientation welcomed the Class of 2019 to the school’s campus.

For several hours, the students were shepherded around their new and much larger school by RBR Student to Student Peer leaders as the newbies acquired student IDs, set-up computer student accounts, learned how to open lockers, and ran through their daily schedules. They also received the “inside scoop” from the upper classman in peer-on-peer meetings to answer all freshmen questions.

“It’s a big school.” one ninth grader anxiously remarked. “Will the teachers be okay if you are late the first day of class?”

“They know that this is all still new to you. They will be lenient the first week of class, but better be on time after that,” came the sage reply.

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