Bill Mack GaryRelief sculptor Bill Mack and painter Gary Welton will appear at Red Bank’s Gotham Restaurant during a Friday/Saturday stand.

In between displays of Batman-related memorabilia and other popcultural artifacts, visitors to Gotham Red Bank have been treated to an ongoing wall exhibit of “relief sculptures” by Bill Mack. And just as the Minnesota-based artist’s creations tend to dip a toe into the dimension beyond their frames, so will Mr. Mack himself leave his Minneapolis homebase for a two-day, in-person Broad Street sojourn that takes place this Friday and Saturday.

The mustachioed Midwesterner, whose website touts his standing as “the world’s preeminent relief sculptor,” will be joined for a total of four  Meet the Artist sessions by a fellow Minnesotan, whose work has also graced the walls of Gotham — the self-described “painter of movement” Gary Welton.

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