heart_truth1Designer creations from the Red Dress Collection at NYC’s Fashion Week will be on display at Buona Sera on February 24, as part of Meridian’s Heart Month fundraiser.

It’s an evening out on the town, at one of the hottest nightspots on the greater Green, and it’s strictly ladies only — but this is one event for which that little black dress is going to have to stay home on the hanger.

When the third annual Red Dress Event returns to Red Bank next Thursday, February 24, the guests of honor will be a selection of six top-designer crimson creations from the Red Dress Collection, seen during Fashion Week  2011 in NYC.

Still, while the evening promises to set any fashionista’s pulse racing, at the heart of the festivities is a serious subject — as serious as the disease that’s been branded the Number One killer of women.

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