470221734_640Sunday’s screening of director Jeffrey X. Bonna’s documentary feature ORO MACHT FREI is officially sold out at Two River Theater, but the CHHANGE organization at Brookdale Community College will be announcing an additional date and venue.   

The title translates to “Gold Will Set You Free” — the motto that the Nazis employed during the Roman occupation in the Second World War, when SS commander Kappler insisted that the Jewish families of Rome turn over 50 kilos of gold to the occupiers, or risk the deportation of all heads of household to Germany. A documentary feature by American director (and veteran Ken Burns assistant) Jeffrey X. Bonna, Oro Macht Frei tells the story of the Roman Jews— from the Racial Laws of the Mussolini regime, through the arrival of the Nazis and eventual liberation by Allied forces. Weaving together historical research with the testimony of those who were there, the film also brings up the Vatican’s controversial policy of silence during that pivotal time. It’s being presented this Sunday evening in a special screening with reception at Two River Theater — and while that 6:30 pm event (presented by the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education at Brookdale Community College) is officially sold out, an announcement of a possible second screening is in the works.

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