oceanic-libLolly Ekdahl, Debra Williams and Nanette Reis at the newly renovated Oceanic Free Library in Rumson. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


The unassuming building at the corner of Ridge Road and Avenue of Two Rivers, with its boxy, fire-red brick facade and smallish patch of pavement for visitor parking, doesn’t quite do its innards justice.

Especially nowadays.

Perhaps you’ve blown past it on your way to burger night at the Fromagerie, or you’re a snowbird who hasn’t stopped in for a while. It might be hard to figure this is a place where you can read an autographed print version of Benito Mussolini’s autobiography — under supervision — or a digitized bio of Il Duce on a Kindle. Or a place to buy locally-made jewelry and student art. Or to take a laptop and pull in free wi-fi while you watch sleepy Rumson go by.

This is the revamped and renovated Oceanic Free Library, fresh off a multi-month overhaul.

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