DSC01384_-_CopyRed Bank Regional music teacher Jeffrey Boga leads members of the RBR string ensemble (pictured left to right): Olivia Barkey, Salvatore Giglio, Maittie Avilia and Kevin Velazquez during a performance at the Monmouth Conservatory of Music.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

The Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Red Bank Regional High School has been training Monmouth County artists for over thirty years. For the past eight of those years, a strings program  — featuring a chamber ensemble and string majors incorporated into the main school orchestra — has been building partnerships to promote instrumental music in the community.

This year, the Red Bank Regional Chamber Ensemble performs in a series of chamber music events at the Red Bank Library, hosts an inter-district strings festival in April for middle and elementary school students, and joins the Monmouth Conservatory for its 50th anniversary celebration at the Count Basie Theatre in June.

The program is led by strings teacher Jeffrey Boga, a gifted musician who volunteered to conduct a free afterschool program at the high school for the elementary and middle school students at the beginning of the school year, when the Red Bank School District announced the cessation of its strings program in the Middle School for budgetary reasons. Thankfully, that provision was no longer necessary with the recent resumption of the program in mid-fall through private fundraising.

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