tastingroomA gift box of wine hardware, including an in-bottle decanter and a preserver vacuum, from The Tasting Room in Red Bank. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)

PieHole knows that local foraging is the best foraging. For the food lovers on your gift list, we have assembled PieHole’s First Annual Shop Local Holiday Food & Drink Gift Guide. This is the 10th in the series.


Decanting wine ostensibly serves two purposes: it keeps any sediment that may have developed in the wine bottle during aging from ending up in your glass, and it aerates the wine, letting it breathe a bit.

For $49.95, the Soiree Signature Series kit from Faustini Winery’s Tasting Room in Red Bank has an in-bottle decanter that you can bring along with you when heading out on the town to your favorite BYOB restaurant.

It fits in the neck of the bottle and decants as it pours. Handy. The kit also has a few other wine-related goodies, such as a preserver vacuum and a drying rack for the decanter.