Verizon Wireless put up a crane in the parking lot of Fair Haven’s Church of the Nativity this morning to give residents an idea of what a 133-foot-tall cellphone tower would look like if sited on the church property, as proposed. If built, the tower would actually be 75 feet east of the crane location, in a small copse of trees.

Whether the demo will break the stalemate over where to erect the borough’s first cellular tower remains to be seen.

John Hanson isn’t so sure. “One neighbor will say, ‘My reception is great,’ says Hanson, a carpenter who lives on Maple Avenue. “The other will say, ‘My kids are gonna get cancer; I have to move.’ “

The crane is scheduled to remain up until 4p.

Our four views show the crane from: 1. Ridge Road, looking east across the intersection at Hance; 2. the front of the church, looking east; 3. just north of the church on Hance Road and 4. Ridge Road.