Maria Ursino of Little Silver was the first to correctly identify the location of last week’s conjoined metal shed and brick building as the Anderson Moving and Storage Warehouse at the corner of Bridge and Monmouth Streets. Maria grew up a few blocks away on Herbert Street, so she may have had a bit of advantage, but no special access or knowledge was required. Still stumped? The view is from Shrewsbury Avenue.

Congratulations, Maria. Wear the ‘Where’ mantel with pride!

Now, to the assemblage of rusted tools and devices shown here. In keeping with some changes redbankgreen implemented this week—more frequent postings, covering a slightly broader geographic area, but you knew that, right?—this week’s ‘Where’ takes us a little way from our usual turf. Not that that constitutes much in the way of a hint. It’s actually more of a warning to readers prone to frustration, hair-pulling and excessive use of question marks in their guesses that this one may trigger an episode. You know who you are, right???

Send your guesses to us via e-mail rather than using the Comments, please. And thanks for playing.