Last week’s ‘Where’ drew an interesting mix of respondents, including Mike Halfacre, who was elected mayor of Fair Haven on Tuesday night (congratulations, Mike), and Red Bank roofer Joe Ruffini, who tells us he used to climb on the object shown in the photo as a kid.

But first in line with the right answer (again) was Jenn Woods of Red Bank. With her mother, Alicia Woods of Little Silver, Jenn this week completes the first mother-daughter back-to-back ‘Where’ winning pair. We’re thinking the Woodses could replace the Dueling Steins as our unofficial ‘Where’ family, as the Steins appear to have gone AWOL on us.

Jenn identified the structure shown as the architectural doohickey that projects from the front wall of PNC Bank on Broad Street at Reckless Place. It’s sort of a flying buttress, only more California circa 1952 than Gothic.

Can you tell us where you’ve seen this week’s image? Email us your answers, please.

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