Last week’s ‘Where,’ we figured, was an easy one. And, in fact, several readers wrote in to correctly identify the image: a fire hydrant wrapped in black plastic on River Road in Fair Haven, near the corner of Lincoln Avenue.

Congrats are in order, by the way, to Susan McLaughlin, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty, for being the first.

What we did not expect though, was this intriguing reply late yesterday from blogging Fair Haven Mayor-elect Michael Halfacre to our inquiry as to why the hydrant appears to be in mourning:

The wrapping is due to a lack of water pressure to those hydrants from the Red Bank water utility. Our FD chose to wrap them, as they are not up to snuff for fighting fires.

The lack of water pressure to the Fair Haven homes served by RB water is an ongoing problem. We are attempting to address it now. (You may read b/t the lines here.)


Sounds like there’s a story there. We’ll have to get on that one.

Meantime, in preparation for the upcoming New Year’s Day polar bear plunge at Donovan’s Reef, this week’s ‘Where’ is on the theme of frozen water. Yes, but wh- wh- wh- where? As always, we ask that those who’d like to play Email their answers, so as not to give away the game prematurely.

But this week we’ve also left the comments function open for those who’d like to weigh in on water pressure and fire-safety issues.

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