Assemblyman Mike Panter thinks local government isn’t as responsive as it should be. So he’s holding a public forum for area residents to tee up the topic.

Want more details? Well, you won’t find them on Panter’s blog, which hasn’t been updated in two months.

We saw a notice of the meeting posted this afternoon on the Asbury Park Press website, which says it will be held at 7p at the Little Silver firehouse at 408 Prospect Avenue.

The Press doesn’t give a date, though, which is why we turned to Pantner’s blog and found only virtual cobwebs.

We’ve got an e-mail into Panter’s communications guy and will update this post once we get the 411.

Meantime, from the Press:

Residents of Shrewsbury, Fair Haven and Little Silver are invited, according to a flier distributed by Panter’s office.

“As you know all too well, there have been several local issues that have caused
frustration among residents and led them to question the responsiveness of local government,” Panter said in an e-mail message inviting residents to attend. “We’ve invited many residents of Fair Haven, Little Silver and Shrewsbury to share their concerns as we look ahead to this fall’s elections.”

The invitation cites residents’ concern over the expansion of the Women’s Club building in Little Silver and a proposed historical preservation ordinance in Shrewsbury as topics that spurred calling Tuesday’s meeting.

Panter, a Shrewsbury resident and head of that borough’s municipal Democratic Party, recently spearheaded a successful drive against a Shrewsbury ordinance that would have created a Historical Preservation Committee that Panter and some 50 residents said would have too much authority over historical properties in the borough. Panter’s Shrewsbury Avenue home would have been affected by the local law.

Following public outcry, the ordinance was rescinded at the request of Shrewsbury Mayor Emilia Sicilano.

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