No one correctly identified the the location of last week’s ‘Where,’ showing a statue of a slicker-wearing fisherman.

Which surprised us. We would have thought there were some avid statuary aficionados out there. In fact, we still believe that. Come on, folks, no need to be ashamed! Those short guys are cute!

So no, Erin, it wasn’t at Barnacle Bill’s restaurant. But we’re glad you’re still ringing in even though you’ve moved to the Phillyburbs.

The apparently overlooked little fella is outside a residence on the river side of River Road in Fair Haven, near the intersections of Doughty and Brown’s lanes. That’s him below, in a slightly wider shot, if that helps.


This week’s image should be an easy one for a good number of readers. But what do we know?

Recognize it? Email us your guesses, please.

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