‘OK, this will be an easy one,’ we’re tempted to say this week. But we won’t, because whenever we do say that, we’re surprised to discover that what we thought was obvious and universally recognized is not.

So, folks, let’s hear what you have to say about the object shown here. Where is it and what is it? Respond via email, please.

Last week’s Where generated a number of “I kinda know the general vicinity” responses. Yes, it’s along the Swimming River. But in what town, at what spot along the river?

JOHNNYSTUF thought it might be the nature area at the foot of Locust Avenue, but he was off by a few blocks. Remsen Straub was closer, putting it on the West Side “looking across the Swimming River to the marsh on the Lincroft -Middletown side.” Both answers were good enough for horseshoes and grenades, but not for our strict rulebook.

Carl Colmorgen, following on his brother Bob’s win last week, came up with the site: Chapin Avenue in Red Bank, opposite the Chapin Hill at Red Bank Nursing facility.

Those Colmorgen boys know this place well. Congrats to Carl and thanks to all who wrote in.

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