Bob Colmorgen did it again, identifying last week’s shot as a boarded-up door at the former Anderson Brothers cold-storage warehouse at Monmouth Street and Bridge Avenue.

Bob, a longtime Red Bank fireman in who continues to volunteer though he now lives in Eatontown, explains that the ‘F.O.’ on the sign alerts emergency responders to the presence of a floor opening they should look out for, lest they fall through.

With his answer, Bob wraps up Year One of Where Have I Seen This? which debuted with redbankgreen on June 1, 2006. And for the seventh time in the past 11 weeks, we’ve got one of the three Colmorgen siblings in the winners circle.

They know their home turf well, those Colmorgen kids.


We’ve got the complete list of winners below. Thanks to all who’ve played, whether they ‘won’ or not.

Frankly, we’ve had some twinges of doubt over whether we were right to make this feature a competition in the first place, as opposed to simply acknowledging all who submitted correct or even mistaken answers.

What do you think? And any other suggestions regarding this feature? Is it too easy? Too hard? The door’s always open.

YEAR ONE (JUNE 2006 –MAY 2007)

Week Name Image
1. Larry Stein / Stenciled sign, Clay Street
2. Dayna Stein / Statue near Riverview hospital
3. NO WINNER / Monmouth Terrace pillar
4. Dylan Barlett / Little Szechuan sign
5. Joe Ruffini / Ladder in tree, Broad Street
6. Adam E / Little Silver vineyard
7. Wendy B. Hollander / ’61’ sign, West Street
8. Maria Ursino / Anderson Storage, seen from Shrewsbury Ave.
9. NO WINNER / Sea Bright hardware display
10. Dylan Barlett / Rumson coat-of-arms, River Road
11. Sue Malmi / Doelger’s Antiques mural, Broad Street
12. David Prown / Footprints in concrete, Wall Street
13. Jenn Woods / Rumson Road cemetery, Rumson
14. Dylan Barlett / Lunch Break, Drs. Parker Blvd.
15. Sue from FH / Rumson cow mural, West River Road
16. NO WINNER / Little Silver castles, Church Street
17. Guy Johnson / RB train trestle, West Front Street
18. Peg Riley / Hand sculpture, Route 35, Shrewsbury
19. NO WINNER / Brick wall silhouette, Newman Springs Road
20. Ken Ameika / Branch on wire, Peters Place
21. Dylan Barlett / Shore Point Distributors sign, Little Silver
22. Alicia Woods / First Presbyterian steps, Harding Road
23. Jenn Woods / PNC Bank buttress, Broad Street
24. Jenn Woods / 80 Broad storefront
25. Mike Halfacre / Cedar Ave. storefront, Fair Haven
26. Christine Jahnig / Boxwood topiary, Shrewsbury
27. John Noll / 1 Broad St loudspeaker
28. NO WINNER / RB Middle School sconce
29. Jenn Woods / 10 W Bergen glass block
30. Susan McLaughlin / Shrouded Hydrant, Fair Haven
31. Ralph Brandi / Chris’ Deli ice machine, River Plaza
32. Todd Weidman / Buena Vista Ave. carriage house, Rumson
33. Dylan Barlett / Faux building, Fair Haven
34. NO WINNER / Molly Pitcher windows
35. NO WINNER / Chiropractor’s sign, Spring & Branch
36. Vera Hough / Fins ‘N Feathers door, Monmouth St.
37. NO WINNER / Nature’s Emporium staircase, Fair Haven
38. Erin Visali / Riverside Towers mirror, Riverview Ave.
39. Charlie Bierly / Lawyers’ drop box, Bergen Place
40. NO WINNER / Fisherman statue, River Road, Rumson
41. John de la Parra / Two River Theater alley
42. Carl Colmorgen / Count Basie doors
43. JOHNNYSTUF / Old Plant Outlet, Wikoff Place
44. Dylan Barlett / Rumson Country Club shed
45. Bob Colmorgen / Thompson Memorial Home driveway
46. Carl Colmorgen / Chapin Ave. picnic area
47. Kathy L. Colmorgen / Giant candy cane, River Plaza
48. Carl Colmorgen / Faded sign on Harrison Avenue
49. Carl Colmorgen / Globe Hotel detail
50. Michele Lombard / Painted smile sign, Broad Street
51. David Wilson / Parker-Sickles Park statue
52. Bob Colmorgen / Floor-open sign, Bridge Ave.

And now, we launch Year Two. Recognize this location? If you do, or think you do, submit reponses to us via email, please.

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