Gotta love those Colmorgen boys, right?

The white-hot streak that Bob & Carl have been on in recent months is rather impressive, one must admit. It continued when they turned in the only entry that correctly identified last week’s ‘Where’ as part of the Katsin’s Drug Store facade on Shrewsbury Avenue.

Still, we’ve got to wonder: Are others out there getting these, but simply not sending in answers, perhaps feeling a bit cowed by Colmorgens? Or is everyone as simply stumped as formerly formidable Jenn Woods has been of late?


Oh well, take those as rhetorical questions if you like. Or send us an email with your thoughts on the degree of difficulty of the contest.

Meantime, any thoughts on the big metal spheres above?

As usual, the comment function is closed, so submit reponses to us via email, please.

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