Last week’s ‘Where,’ like so many before it, was like riding a bike for the Colmorgen kids.

As they correctly identified with their first-in entry, the picture showed an open-air display stand at Shrewsbury Bicycles on Route 35.

Jenn Woods, Cheryl Ameika, Rico Suave and Islandere2 also got it.

But you’ve got to get up pretty early to beat those Colmorgens. Mother Catherine Louise Colmorgen, who’s a youthful 89 years old, tells us that son Carl is online at the crack of dawn Thursdays to see what we’ve posted and compare notes with brother Bob and sister Kathy Lou. And if he’s not sure of the answer, by 7a, Carl is off in his car in an effort to verify or track down the answer.

By the way, Kathy Lou is a bit frosted, and not because she’s on vacation in Alaska at the moment. We said a couple of weeks ago that all three Colmorgen kids are in their 60s; in fact, Kathy Lou is just 56. Our apologies to Kathy Lou, and may ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ help keep her forever young.

This week’s image: recognize it? If so, please send us an email.

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