Well, we finally found a location that the Colmorgens couldn’t immediately identify.

But it’s further testimony of their ‘Where’ prowess that nobody else did, either.

The Colmorgen brothers, Carl and Bob (minus sister Kathy Lou, who must still have been away on her Alaska vacation) thought it was the rear of 21 East Front Street.

Jenn Woods, another familiar presence in this feature, also swung and missed with her entry: a firehouse on Route 35 in Middletown.

No other entries were received by the Wheremaster on this one.

Answer: the back end of 30 Linden Place, home of La Pastaria restaurant, as seen from Hudson Avenue.

Now, what about that darling little dairy maid — or is it a boy? — with her cow, above? If you know where they are, or simply want to take a guess, please send us an email.

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