And, we’re back… to a Colmorgen win. Those Colmorgen Kids don’t stay off the podium for long.

Of course they have a key advantage. Brother Bob spent 27 years in the Red Bank Police Department, many of them pounding his arches against the sidewalks of town and shining a flashlight into alleyways he’s never forgotten. He retired as a lieutenant ten years ago.

For the past 38 years, too, he’s also been a volunteer with Relief Engine Company #1 (Engine 92) on Drummond Place, where he’s now the engineer and president. Even though he and his wife, Debbie, now live in Eatontown, Bob’s ties to the streets and structures of our fair burg remain intimate.

So even when last week’s ‘Where’ left brother Carl and sister Kathy Lou scratching their heads, Bob knew it. He recognized the rain gutter on the garage at right.

Just to be sure, though, Carl took a walk over there from the family homestead on Oakland Street after supper one night, and sure enough, it was just where Bob told him: the south side of 59 Maple Avenue, the building that houses Motif Home Furnishings.

The view is skyward a bit, toward a second-floor catwalk and, straight ahead, the edge of a wall.

Congrats, Bob. And thanks to Fran Waldmann (whose name we keep leaving that last ‘n’ out of) for trying.

This week’s is easy — no need to have ever swung a nightstick to get it. Care to say ‘Where?’ Please send us an email.

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