A Florida man is suing Bruce Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, for backing out of a purported agreement to buy a horse for $850,000, according to a story in today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


Springsteen and Scialfa, who have homes in Rumson and Colts Neck, haven’t commented on the suit. But the plaintiff in the suit, Olympic equestrian Todd Minikus, says they agreed in July to pay him $650,000, along with a horse they owned named Scarlett, to acquire Pavarotti, one of Minikus’ “top horses.” The horse was to be for the couple’s daughter, Jessica Springsteen, a competitor in equestrian events.

But after putting down a $25,000 deposit, the musical couple neighed at the deal, Minikus claims.

The sui, according to the report, alleges that

“the defendants conveyed to plaintiff through their agents … that Mrs. Springsteen wanted to back out of the deal, fearing that Pavarotti might not be right for her daughter.”

Pavarotti’s value has been diminished as a result of the Springsteens, whom Minikus characterizes as “high-profile purchasers,” reneging on the deal, according to the lawsuit.

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