Wow, talk about influence.

In late August, we featured a damaged signpost here in ‘Where.’ That’s now been fixed.

Last week, we showed a stop sign defaced with graffiti that read “Don’t Stop Loving.” Well, somebody didn’t love it. Within hours of our posting, the sign had been replaced.

Peter DeFazio was the first reader to identify the location, at the corner of Madison Avenue and South Street. The fact that he’s a captain in the police department — think that had anything to do with the swift replacement?

Here’s a clue: Pete’s ‘Where’ answer came with this question: “Do you want to know where it WAS located or where it IS NOW?”

He tells us the “extra writing” will be removed and the sign will be reused at a different location.

Thanks to Pete, Carl Colmorgen, Dayna Stein, Rich Hardy and Michele Lombard for writing in. They all knew the location.

Pete and Rich also said the reflectorized coating on the sign was what caused the white spray paint of the graffiti to appear as black in the photo.

This week’s image shows an object in no need of municipal attention that we’re aware of. Do you recognize it? Please shoot us an email.

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