Lest we forget, Red Bank is still in its centennial year, and reminders of that milestone continue to pop up now and again.

The latest is the above video, shot and produced by four students, aged 14 to 17, who enrolled in the Count Basie Theatre’s Cool School this summer.

The kids, who did all the shooting, are Dylan Smart, Jenn Lewis, Mike Hagberg Jr. and Jack Calabro, says Yvonne Scudiery, the Basie’s director of education.

A handful of adults from the borough were involved, too, including, Marybeth Maida, a former television producer who taught the class and wrote the script; George Bowden, chairman of the Red Bank Historic Preservation Commission, who reprised a walking tour of the town that he’d conducted in the spring; Ed Zipprich of the commission, who helped produce it; Chris Ippolito, a video maven from the Red Bank Middle School (check out his work on the school’s latest video); and Kevin Mazza, of Red Bank Post, a production facility.

In March, 1908, the New Jersey Legislature voted to incorporate Red Bank as a borough, thus separating it from its longtime parent, Shrewsbury Township.

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