A couple of comments from readers of redbankgreen appear in today's Star-Ledger in a piece about the dolphins in the Shrewsbury River.

Context: Kelly Heyboer's 'Jersey Blogs' column, which samples opinions on matters of interest around the state.

Hey, we go way back, redbankgreen and the Sledger. This site's founder spent nearly four years as a business writer there.

More importantly, we got to ride along on the Munchmobile for a sampling of Jersey pizza one day in the summer of 2007. Heyboer was along for that ride.

But inclusion in today's column is not the result of any favoritism we're aware of. We were pleasantly surprised to see our name on the page opposite the letters to the editor and Doonesbury.

A couple of our readers may also be. Check it out, 'Average Re Bank Resident' and 'Marilynn.' You've been amplified!

Also featured: comments on Red Bank resident Judie Luszcz's blog, Navesink/Shrewsbury Dolphins.

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