Rb council chambers2The action commences at 7:30p at borough hall.

Red Bank’s proposed spending plan for the coming fiscal year is slated for introduction at tonight’s bimonthly council meeting.

Also on the agenda: approval of a deal to start a community center and a change in off-street parking laws aimed at streamlining rules for businesses when there’s a minor change of occupancy at an address.

No details of the budget have yet been disclosed, including whether it calls for for a tax increase. Councilman Mike DuPont, who heads the council’s finance committee, told redbankgreen in an email Friday only that he was working on the document “taking into consideration the loss of State aid in the amount of 62000.”

The community center action, if approved, would direct the borough attorney to work up a contract with the Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County, which has offered to create and run after-school programming at no charge to the borough except for the costs of maintaining the property and paying utility costs, estimated at $47,000 annually.

The center would be established at a borough-owned two-story structure at the corner of Drs. James Parker Boulevard and Bridge Avenue.

The proposed parking ordinance would eliminate the need for businesses to obtain a variance when there’s a change in use at an address that doesn’t increase the square footage of an office or store, no other variances are required, and the opening of the business creates a parking deficiency of five or fewer spaces.

It also appears to standardize the required number of spaces a business in the commercial district must provide to five per 1,000 square feet of business space. Under the existing law, a barbershop or beauty salon has to provide three spaces per chair, while medical offices are required to provide 5.5 spaces per for the first 1,000 SF of space.

Here are some select items on tonight’s rather busy docket:


2009-10            An Ordinance Amending and Supplementing
Chapter XXV, Planning and Development Regulations, Section 25-2.3,
“Definitions”; Section 25-8.21, “Off Street Parking”; Section 25-10.11,
“Regulations Controlling Central Commercial District-1”; and Section 25-10.12,
“Regulations Controlling Central Commercial District-2.”


2009-11            An Ordinance Amending and
Supplementing Chapter II, Parks and Recreation Committee, Amending Section
2-51.1 to Provide for the Appointment of Two Alternate Commissioners.



09-88                A Resolution to Create the Plan
Endorsement Citizens’ Advisory Committee.


09-89                A Resolution Awarding a Contract
to Lanigan Associates, Inc. for Police Uniforms.


09-90                A Resolution Authorizing the
Addition of Certain Borough-Owned Properties Acquired with Green Acres Funds to
the Borough’s Recreation and Open Space Inventory.


09-91                A Resolution Authorizing Tax
Appeal Settlement Regarding Block 30, Lot 4.01, Red Bank Investment Co., 79-85
West Front Street, Red Bank, New Jersey.


09-92                A Resolution Accepting a Proposal
from the Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County for the Provision of Youth
Programs at the Former Count Basie Learning Center at 136 Drs. James Parker
Boulevard, Block 77, Lot 22.


09-93                A Resolution Authorizing the Extension
of a Contract with the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey to Provide
Public Health Nursing Services on a Month-to-Month Basis.



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