A Red Bank Regional student suffered a severe concussion and two others are in custody after an assault at the school around midday today, Little Silver police report.

The victim, a 16-year-old Red Bank male, was treated and released from Riverview Hospital at 2:25p, according to Sgt. Dan Shaffery.

His alleged assailants, 15- and 16-year-old Red Bank boys, are being charged this evening with second degree aggravated assault and are scheduled to be taken to the Monmouth County juvenile lockup, says Shaffery.

Shaffery says that a rumor that the incident involved a stabbing at the school is “absolutely untrue,” and that there is no evidence of a weapon having been used. Rumors of a bloody scene at the location of the assault are also completely unfounded, he says.

“We heard what you heard,” Shaffery tells redbankgreen. “But the first thing we did was rule out the use of weapon. This thing just grew legs and ran.”

Details of the incident remain sketchy, as both the victim and his alleged attackers have so far remained mum.

“Neither party is telling us much, other than that this was something that has been building over time,” Shaffery says. The animosity between the two sides “apparently goes back to middle school, and it just escalated,” he says.

There is no evidence of gang activity or influence in the incident, he adds.

The charges were lodged after police consulted with the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office, Shaffery says.

The investigation is continuing, and anyone with information to share is encouraged to contact RBR school resource officer Pete Gibson, who’s a Little Silver police officer.

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