The cheerful looking gent with the facial tattoos and the snake on his
shoulder is Jon Davies, who once upon a time led a local combo by the name
of The Secret Syde.

The editor of Red Bank oRBit calls the 1980s psychedelic
art-rockers one of the greatest bands of all time, and when they broke up
after their brief time on earth, they left an international cult following
that extended far beyond their Monmouth County jurisdiction.

This weekend, The Secret Syde play their first show in more than 25 years,
and oRBit being oRBit, we have an in-depth interview — and we have it before anybody else.

Today’s edition also looks in on Small Factory Productions, the Fair
Haven-based music and video production studio where kids get to create some
hilariously entertaining homegrown cartoons. They’ll be screening some of
the best this Thursday at Red Bank’s Clearview Cinemas, in an annual event
known as the Two River Kids Factory Flicks Festival.

The balcony is open, friends, and it’s up in oRBit

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