East Side ParkThe truck that left these tracks in the baseball infield at East Side Park also tore up a portion of the new soccer field sod. Later, the truck got stuck in Marine Park.

Among some English words you don’t want to see in the same sentence are “port-a-potty” and “mishap.”

OK, so this story is not as bad as all that. But the driver of a portable-toilet service truck had a couple of mishaps in Red Bank parks on Wednesday. And one of them wrecked some of the newly laid sod at East Side Park.

Marine park The truck had to be towed out of the mud at Marine Park.

According to public works Director Gary Watson, instead of simply running a hose just a few feet over the fence along Marion Street, the vendor drove the length of the soggy park yesterday to access the toilet at the southern end.

In either arriving or leaving, the truck ripped up a corner of the newly sodded soccer field that wasn’t enclosed by a snow fence.

The sod tore away from the soil and rippled like a carpet on a shiny floor, a DPW employee told redbankgreen.

The sod was laid late last month after broken glass and other debris turned up in topsoil that had been used to fill holes.

The toilet vendor pledged to make good on repairs, and new sod was laid early this morning. Watson tells us the field will be playable for events scheduled Saturday.

But the driver’s day of wet woes wasn’t over, apparently.

After leaving East Side Park, the same truck wound up getting stuck in soggy grass in front of a toilet in Marine Park. DPW personnel had to tow the vehicle from the muck.

“That’s what I call a bad day,” Watson says. 

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